Welcome to Kingdom Living Media Store.

We are not ready to trade, however please feel free to look through our teaching material

which is based on the foundation of the Kingdom God and His word. We believe that this

is some of the best Kingdom teaching you will find anywhere.

A few words on how we operate.

First; as we think and function on principles of The Kingdom, we teach that the Kingdom functions differently than the world in most if not all area’s. This is reflect none more so than in the area of economic and commerce. The world buys and sell, the Kingdom sows and reaps.

So with the worlds principle of buying and selling in mind, when we buy a product the transaction is closed. However with the Kingdom principle of sowing a reaping, as you sow a seed it produces a harvest that produces more seed generation after generation. So while we have set a value on the seed we do so with the idea of seeing you the sower seed not only a harvest in your own life, but more seed to sow and more harvests over time in your life and your household and sphere of influence, and also in the life of this ministry. So when you see a ‘price’ see it as a seed value that you are sowing.

Secondly; often it is frustrating to see additional charges added for shipping and often more than the cost of a product. With this in mind we set our ‘seed values’ to have built within them the ability to not have any additional shipping charges for the US, except for special needs like overnight etc. In time we are hoping to be able to do the same in the future for overseas transactions, but until then we ask you to contact us to see if there are additional rates. We do have some recommended products and if purchased with obtaining some of our own products may be able to cover the shipping of these third party materials.

Our desire is to be a blessing not a burden………